Commonwealth Film Festival – appel à contributions
mai 2002 | | Cinéma/TV | Grande-Bretagne


plus de 400 courts métrages des 72 nations du Commonwealth.

LE festival recherce des courts et des documentaires de cinéastes du Commonwealth à cette occasion.


It is a non-competitive showcase for up to 400 features, shorts and documentaries from the 72 nations of the Commonwealth.
Taking over 10 screens and numerous party venues across the city, the CFF is one of the largest film festivals in the United Kingdom.

The Festival will showcase and premiere works by celebrated Commonwealth filmmakers in Gala Screenings, as well as works from emerging artists. The focus will be on films with the potential to entrance a diverse audience with a strong personal vision, on works and artists who define the Commonwealth at the dawn of the 21st century. The CFF are looking for shorts, documentaries and films from Commonwealth countries.
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