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Africa in Motion 2010 : 21 Octobre au 5 Novembre
La nouvelle lettre d’info du festival Africa In Motion. L’édition 2010 se tient du 21 Octobre au 05 Novembre à Edinbourgh (Ecosse).
Voir la version anglaise de cette lettre du mois de Juin 2010.


Africa in Motion 2010: 21 October to 5 November
Welcome to another AiM newsletter. We at AiM are excited about the Edinburgh International Film Festival starting this week and all the summer festivals fast approaching, but it is not just the summer that brings lots of festivals to Edinburgh! We want you to get ready for the AiM extravaganza that is coming your way in the autumn. In case you haven’t noted these in your diary yet, Africa in Motion 2010 is taking place from 21 October to 5 November.

AiM for Reconciliation

Africa in Motion has received a prestigious international award from the Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research (S.E.R. Foundation), an organisation that supports worldwide projects in the area of children and youth, culture, inter-cultural dialogue and religion. The festival received this award in the context of the United Nations’ International Year of Reconciliation 2009. The S.E.R. Foundation presented a report on Africa in Motion to the UN Secretary General in January 2010. Africa in Motion 2009 took as its main theme Reconciliation, with the festival screening a range of films on this topic as well as hosting a symposium and various panel discussions on trauma, conflict, peace and reconciliation in Africa. The S.E.R. Foundation described the Africa in Motion film festival as an outstanding project because it emphasises the need for reconciliation and the necessary steps for its realisation to be taken in order to improve conditions and build bridges leading to a better mutual understanding, and thus creating the basis for sustainable peace. The festival was selected as one of 12 projects worldwide awarded prizes and the festival will receive the award, endowed with 600 Euros prize money, at an award ceremony in Switzerland in August. We are extremely proud and excited! – Watch our tour documentary!

Check out our online television channel – – for new content that has just been added. We went on a tour through Scotland last year just after the main festival finished, and we made a documentary about our experiences to show everyone how well it went. Have a look at the film, directed by Alastair Cole and edited by Theo Hardie, starring Lizelle, Stefanie and many Scottish film lovers!

Some things to look forward to at AiM10…

In addition to dozens of film screenings, this year AiM will host a number of exciting complementary events across the city, to contribute to our theme of Celebrations. Without revealing all, we can tell you at this stage that there will be an Afro-Scottish poetry event; a children’s day with screenings of African films for children accompanied by a storytelling event and animation workshop; an African dance workshop to complement our screenings of African dance films; and an African fashion extravaganza! Watch this space for more news soon!

Call for volunteers

We’d like to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering for the Africa in Motion festival. We need people before as well as during the festival to help us out with a number of administrative and organisational tasks, all a lot of fun! We are always looking for people that can take initiative and work with us on the opening and closing events, people that can distribute posters and flyers in the weeks before the festival, volunteers that can hand out feedback forms after screenings and events during the festival, etc. Send an email to [email protected] for more info or to sign up!

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