Trois videos par David Max Brown, Swaziland
mai 2002 | | Cinéma/TV | Swaziland


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1 / Facts and Fiction
Many people have their own opinion on family planning methods that they have formed from information gathered from « not so well-informed » sources. This video clearly tells us the various « modern » methods available at clinics and centers around us. Animated illustrations leave no room for doubt as to the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods available.
Available with English voice-over, VHS NTSC or PAL – 21 minutes

2 / How To Say No
Teenage pregnancy is never easy. There are difficult experiences that a teen-mother will have to face, such as a change in lifestyle way before she is emotionally, financially and in some cases biologically able to cope. This video is the voice of some teens to their peers on how to say no to sex and an appeal to delay childbirth until after school years.
Available with English voice-over, VHS NTSC or PAL – 25 minutes

3 / Times Have Changed
Family planning and child spacing have always been a part of Swazi culture. A wife’s health and the ability to flee with all of the children in the family during a war in the olden days determined how the family was spaced. Today it’s due to the economic capabilities of the husband and wife to feed, clothe and educate their children that determines child spacing. This video highlights the various « modern » family planning methods that are available and appeals for the participation of both parties in selecting the most appropriate method for their lifestyle.
Awards: UNFPA Prize: 1st URTNA Television Festival, Kenya.
Available with English voice-over, VHS NTSC or PAL – 22 minutes
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