Africa Film Fund : AMAA lance son Académie
octobre 2010 | Inaugurations | Cinéma/TV | Nigeria


L’African Film Academy (AFA) a été créé pour promouvoir les cinémas et films africains localement et internationalement.


The African Film Academy (AFA) was set up to promote African film and cinema locally and internationally.

Today, African films serve as a link for Africans in the Diaspora with Africans at home. These films have the potential to serve as a shared collective experience, a reminder that Africa is a vibrant continent filled with colour, energy and possibility.

It is AFA’s vision to see film and cinema elevated to international levels, in terms of both production quality and profitability, and to explore film as a vehicle for development.

African filmmakers works hard with very little and have, not through serendipity but sheer audacity, managed to build the 3rd largest film industry in the world, and are poised to take poll position, beating America and India. It’s clear to us that the world is interested in what Africa has to say and it’s drive that AFA wishes to tap into and leverage.

The African Film Fund will do it’s part to lend tangible support to the establishment of the much needed and much awaited African Film Fund.

A Mantra that has reverberated through film discourses is that the one that conscientiously evokes the saying that Africa has a rich well of African Film Practitioners, but no African Cinema.

The creation of this fund is an urgent intervention needed to help found and establish an enabling infrastructure that provides the sector to a point where it generates a viable culture economy in the same way other countries outside Africa have done and are doing.

The value of the world exports’ creative goods and services reach 424.4 billion US Dollar in 2005 representing 33.4 percent of the total world trade according to the United Nations Conference report on Trade and Development.

The report further posts that the Large majority of developing countries are not yet able to harness their creative capacities with Africa’s share in global trade of creative products remaining marginal at less that 1 percent of world exports

For us, it’s important to take our future and our destiny into our hands and make this event happen so that Africa will not continue to lag behind in the World of Cinema.

We help to encourage the growth of their cinema, we would like to invite you to invest in African Cinema.

Our target is to provide funding for at least 50 films with the next 5 years. NO DONATIONS is too small.

We are calling on all Africans wherever you are to donate a minimum of to the film fund. Only we as Africans can change the images and perceptions of Africa once we begin to control how and what we put out as our African Heritage.

Our stories should not be told from a different perception but our perception.
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