Catalogue du cinéma Africain édité par California Newsreel
mai 2002 | | Cinéma/TV | États-Unis


Texte de présentation du catalogue sur notre page anglaise.

Pour recevoir une exemplaire gratuit du catalogue de 48 pages, contactez Californial Newsreel via leur site inernet ou Cornelius Moore par email :
[email protected]


The catalogue showcases the diversity of themes, styles and genres in contemporary African film from 25 different countries. The 64 different film titles in the Library of African Cinema collection include 14 new films (including three shorts under one title) and represent the single largest and economically accessible collection of African films available in North America. The catalogue features several significant firsts. Most prominent is California Newsreel’s release of its first film by Ousmane Sembene, the « founding father » of African cinema. His latest work, Faat Kine, is heralded for its realistic portrayal of the condition of women in contemporary Senegal and was named one of the ten best films of 2001 by the New York Times.

The films featured in the catalogue are available for purchase on videocassette.
For the free 48-page catalogue, contact California Newsreel at website or contact Cornelius Moore at [email protected]
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