Opportunity for Documentary Filmmakers and Video Journalists‏
février 2011 | Appels à contributions / candidatures | Cinéma/TV | Pays-Bas


Metropolis now has over 70 correspondents worldwide and we’re still looking for new video journalists to join our network. We’re looking for filmmakers who know their city or country by heart and are able to produce professional reports with a personal touch that capture surprising aspects of everyday life. At this moment we’re especially interested people from:

– Middle Eastern countries
– Russia
– Southeast Asia

There are two ways to sign up to our network:

1. Send us your video report!
First of all, have a good look at this list containing themes for the upcoming season. If you decide to make an instant contribution, choose one of the themes from our list, and send us your video report. Please be sure to read our guidelines before you start shooting and check the deadlines on the list. (You needto install Adobe Reader to open these PDF documents). If we decide to select your video report for our website you’ll receive a fee of 250 euro. If we include your item in the TV show this fee will be 500 euro. And, of course, after we’ve selected your item, you are officially part of the Metropolis network which will lead to new commissions. Please make sure you send us your reports on time, you’ll find the deadlines also on our list of themes.

2. Send us your CV and work
If you’re not able to produce an item, but are interested in joining the Metropolis network you can send us an introduction letter. Please attach your CV and also a video report you produced recently – ten minutes maximum. You can send us a video by using Yousendit or sending a link to your work to [email protected] In case you have questions about sending video files please contact web editor Iris van der Spoel: [email protected]
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