Short Film Festival Hamburg 2012: Call for Quickies
septembre 2011 | Appels à contributions / candidatures | Cinéma/TV | Allemagne


Date limite : 1er avril 2012
Appel à films pour le festival de courts métrages d’Hambourg (Allemagne)


April 1st 2012 is the deadline for submissions for the Three-Minute Quickie of the 28th Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival

The topic for the Three-Minute Quickie Competition 2012 is Remake.

Make a Remake!

Alfred Hitchcock did it. Gus Van Sant did it. And Peter Jackson did it as well. They all made remakes. And now we kindly ask for your special remake. No matter if the film or scene has been remade already, no matter if you re-enact Goicoechea fouling Maradona, George W. Bush saying « mission accomplished »or the last nativity play, and no problem if you produce an exact copy, the only important thing is: Your remake needs to be shorter than three minutes and it needs to be submitted until April 1st 2012.

So please take the camera and remake your favourite scene, movie, story or whatever. We are looking forward to see and maybe screen it!

And by the way the best remake wins the € 1.000 audience award.

28th Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival: 29 May – 4 June 2012

Deadline „Three-Minute Quickie »: 1 April 2012

Topic: Remake

28. Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg, 29. Mai – 4. Juni 2012
28th Hamburg International Short Film Festival, May 29 – June 4 2012

14. Mo&Friese KinderKurzFilmFestival Hamburg, 28. Mai – 3. Juni 2012
14th Mo&Friese Hamburg Children’s Short Film Festival, May 28 – June 3 2012

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