Skoonheid représente l’Afrique du Sud aux 84èmes Oscars
septembre 2011 | Divers | Cinéma/TV | Afrique du Sud
Source : Screen Africa


Après sa sélection au festival de Cannes, le film d’Oliver Hermanus est sélectionné pour représenter l’Afrique du Sud dans la compétition meilleur film étranger aux Oscars.


Oliver Hermanus’ acclaimed film Skoonheid has been announced as South Africa’s official entry into the Oscars category for Best Foreign Film.

The announcement was made by the South African Academy Selection Committee under the patronage of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). If selected by the Oscars Academy Award Selection Committee, it will be South Africa’s third film to participate in the category.

Oliver Hermanus, Skoonheid’s director was excited when the news was shared with the team, « I am extremely honoured and proud to have Skoonheid represent South Africa as the official country selection for the Academy Awards. It has been an amazing year for us as a team, we strove to produce something provocative and thought provoking, and it is extremely rewarding and encouraging to see our work be acknowledged and supported in this way. I will keep my fingers firmly crossed for a nomination! » he said.
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