A good year of African cinema
décembre 2011 | Faits de société | Cinéma/TV | Afrique du Sud


Skoonheid, Viva Riva!, Retribution, How to Steal 2 Million, State of Violence
Le palmarès du critique sud-africain, Shaun de Waal : Skoonheid (Afrique du Sud, drame), Viva Riva! (Congo RDC, drame), Retribution (Afrique du Sud, thriller), How to Steal 2 Million (Afrique du Sud, thriller), State of Violence (Afrique du Sud, thriller). Article (anglais) en ligne : suivre le lien.


Skoonheid (South Africa, drama), Viva Riva! (Congo, RDC, thriller), Retribution (South Africa, thriller), How to Steal 2 Million (South Africa, thriller), State of Violence (South Africa, thriller)
It’s been a good year for African and South African film, with filmmakers winning international awards and even serious South African dramas receiving the sort of mainstream release and publicity usually reserved for Leon Schuster shlock comedies. by Lisa van Wyk

There was nothing to match the international hype that surrounded last year’s District 9, but it seems that the South African film industry is still benefitting from that film’s success, with audiences feeling more positive about local releases.

Here are some of the releases that made an impact this year, and what M&G film critic Shaun de Waal had to say about them.

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