Mediterranean International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films 2012
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Date limite : 30 avril 2012


Deadline: April 30, 2012
The Mediterranean International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films hosted by the National Transitional Council, Lybia and the Ministry of Culture and Civil Society, Lybia, from June 11 to 18, 2012, in Tripoli.

One can send the submissions to the Lybian Embassies in your country. Further questions should be directed to the director of the festival, Ramadan Salim, email: [email protected]

National Transition Council (NTC), Libya
Ministry of Culture And Civil Society
Mediterranean International Festival for Documentary And Short Films

1- Ministry of Culture And Civil Society is organize the festival, and have a right to accept support from governments and private institutions.

2- the festival is held annually in Tripoli (Libya), and gives official awards by juries which will be selected at an international level, first session will be at 11- 6 – 2012 for eight days.

3- the high commission of the festival is responsible for all practical details.

4- The Festival Sections;
1- Documentary films competition.
2- Short fiction film competition.
3- Panorama documentary (Arabic & International).
4- panorama of short fiction (Arabic & International).
5- Special screenings.(Arab Spring Revolutions Films).
6- Seminars, honors.

5. Seminars and Workshops:
The festival can organize seminars on participation films, as well as identifying symposium with a film theme, by related in, as can be added specialized film workshop.

Conditions of participation;
1. new films acceptable (last two years) for official competitions, films acceptable in other sections according to its technical level, high committee will supervised on this choice.
2. the films must be 35 mm or super beta cam or digital beta cam, or bal, secam.
3. the films must be translated into English, preferably be translated into Arabic.

Participation; send the form to the festival department with the films in no later than April 30, 2012. To send (DVD) for the films by express mail in no later than April 5, 2012 attached with the following;
An extended summary, pictures, and posters of the film.
Detailed biography of the director with his photo.
Information about the film posts, and awards won.
Note: the picture must be very clear with medium size.

The Jury;
The high committee of the festival named the jury according to the rules in force, and the awards are as a following;
1. Documentary Award, golden alsyyoum worth $ 7000.
2. Documentary, jury Award, $ 5000.
3. Documentary, best artistic contribution worth $ 3000.

Short films;
1. golden alsyyoum award worth $ 6000.
2. jury award worth $ 4000.
3. best artistic contribution worth $ 2000.

-The festival has a right to present 10% of any film as TV promotion, as the right to screening all the films in additional feature, by an agreement with the director or producer.
– films send to the festival at the expense of the owner or by the embassies in Libya, or by Libyan embassy.
The films will be returned to the address mentioned within 30 days after the festival closure, at expense of festival department.
The films are insured as long as they are in the festival possession, the compensation be in case of damage or loss to the amount agreed in the entry form.
The festival kindly requests to send in urgent not back (DVD) copy to each film be express mail.

-The host state may participate with two films in each official competition, and the rest with one film.
– An opportunity for institutions, public or private associations to provide prizes to the films.
– The festival gives a special award on behalf of the public by vote.

Entry Form

Original film title
Arabic title of the film
Director of photography
Country of origin
Date of production
Film original language
Translation language
Participation in other festivals
Awards has won

Director Bio in brief
Type of the film
Number of reels

Type of the film;
1- 35 mm.
2- sp(pal / secam).
3- digital beta cam.
3- DVD.
Insurance value in us dollar;
Producer’s address
Director’s address

I participate with this film to the official competition;
I participate with this film out of the official competition;

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