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Musique Théâtre Cinéma/TV Danse

Naïche Barbaglia

Ingénieur du son, Producteur/trice, Compositeur


Naïche Barbaglia compositeur, arrangeur, ingénieur du son, producteur du musique et spécialisé en Mastering Audio collabore avec de nombreux artistes.


Beat Maker
Reggae / Rap / Electrique
Naïche is the director of The California-Studio in Geneva City.

I have produced for Bulltare, Jungle P, Abdel Ali, Pepe Fely, Rasto, Denis the Chemist, Greta Gratos… And currently working on the new album of Bulltaré and Jungle P. I also have a lot of project in the pipeline.

I am here to network with serious artists, collaborate and produce tracks. If you have the same objective therefore working together is possible. For Inquiries can reach me at

Naïche at California-Studio Work with many artists, DJ & Sound Systems like FreeBass Digital (Winner of the Geneva Sound Clash 2006), African Soul…
Artists recorded for Sound Clash: (Sean Paul, Harry Toddler, Yami Bolo, Zumjay, Alozade, Future Trouble, Chukky Starr, Luciano, Andrew Tosh, Grub Cooper, Pad Anthony, Echo Minott…)
And voicing artists like (Jungle P, Bulltaré, Eva-D, Vito, Some, Azania, Opee, Murry Man, Iris Jimenez, Denis the Chemist, Docteur Limanne, Zrinko, Rox, Chancelle, Damian Weber, Fade, Rasto, Emmanuele M, Claude Stoll, Diagnose, Trafik Verbal, Chakal, Maria Désirée…)

The California-Studio Geneva works with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason… and Produce musics for TV & Cinema Adverts (Virgin Cola, Gian Franco Ferer, Moa Club, Synthesis Bank, Chopard, Matin Bleu, Monodor, Baum & Mercier, TV Suisse Romande, Ubik Prod, Point Prod, Studio Casagrande, Noel Fourrure, Paleo Festival, Grand Prix d’horlogerie de Genève, Le rêve D’o, Gay Pride 04, Lake Parade 98…)

Mastering for : Abdel Ali. Dolls of Pain. Bak13 album 1, 2, 3 & 4. Floating Mind. 1, 2(vinyle), 3. La Clicanou. Loyan. Darklife Interstice compil cd. Claude Stoll. Body Bag « split cd » album. Artmode. Jungle P. Fargo. Youssou’n’Dour et A. Red a l’Arena (pub TSR). Caillbote l’Hermitage (pub TSR). Somogo « Osmoz » album live. The Weathermen. Sexomodular. The best of Helvetic metal Compil (transit mag). Greta Gratos. Bulltare. Actaruss 1. Boodaman. Neither Neither World. Martyn Bates. Strange Day. Mimetic. Diffuse. Fade. Moulinet. Zeni Geva. De Grisogono Numero uno « Grande seconde ». FM chez les rockeurs, Urgence disk records…
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