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Avner Faingulernt

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Professeur, Directeur/trice Général
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Réalisateur de films documentaires, qui vit et travaille dans le Sud. Il est diplômé de la Tel-Aviv University: département Film et Television ainsi que du département Psychologie.
Il est directeur de l’Ecole de Cinéma Sapir.


A director of documentary films, who lives and creates in the south. He is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University’s Film and Television department and its Psychology department. His films include « Eva, » an award-winner at the Silver Olive International film festival in Montenegro, « Fishermen’s Diary » – which took first prize at the New Cinema and Television Foundation at the Doc-Aviv festival, as well as an award from the Council for Culture and Art for the film’s development, « First shall be Last » – a documentary that took part in the Jerusalem Festival – Spirit of Freedom, and at various festivals around the world.
Teaches taught at the Open University, and in the « Hasifa » and « Maaleh » film school. He was part of the team that founded the Film and Television department at Sapir, and he envisioned and co- manages the Southern Film Festival at Sderot cinematheque.