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Chucks Mordi



Chucks est un réalisateur de la mouvance Nollywood au Nigeria. Le cinéma a toujours été sa passion dès son très jeune âge. Chucks a une licence en Beaux-Arts, Arts Appliqués et Education, mais s’est retrouvé dans le cinéma après ses études en 1992.


Chucks is a film director from the Nollywood industry in Nigeria. Filmmaking has been his passion from a very young age. Chucks holds a bachelor degree in Fine and Applied Arts and Education, but found himself gravitating towards a career in film soon after completing his studies in 1992.

He started training as an analogue editor and computer graphic artist in 1994, but branched off into script writing where he found his most challenging career interest in the craft of directing, working as assistant director on a number of features in Nigeria.

Having gone into the industry at its early stage in Nigeria he was drawn towards contributing to the professional development of the industry. He became involved in a number of production guilds, among these the Directors Guild of Nigeria. In 2000 he relocated to London from where he has been operating as an independent filmmaker and has directed three features to date.

Chucks has been involved in numerous initiatives to promote Nollywood filmmaking in the UK and considers himself as a self-appointed ambassador of Nollywood in the UK.

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