Fiche Personne
Réalisateur/trice Acteur/trice Critique de cinéma Scénariste Directeur/trice de festival

Trevor Steele Taylor

Afrique du Sud


Né à Cape Town (Afrique du Sud) en 1952

Il a dirigé la programmation du Festival International du Film de Cape Town.


Born in Cape Town in 1952, Trevor remained there far too long, completing a degree in Philosophy at the University of Cape Town. After various rambling positions including being part of a group of young punks who programmed an alternative cinema called The Labia, he spent a year in the off-beat cinemas of London, Amsterdam and Paris.

Trevor returned to South Africa to programme the Cape Town International Film Festival – a position of immense freedom which gave him the opportunity to introduce Japanese cinema to Cape Town and to champion filmmakers such as Walerian Borowczyk, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Shuji Terayama and Peter Whitehead. Many other festivals entered into the equation, most notably the confrontational Weekly Mail & Guardian Film festival.

Widely traveled, presenting South African film programmes in France, Holland, Scandinavia, the USA, Brazil and Switzerland, he peered further and further into the depths of lesser known South African film practitioners, searching not for the obvious but for the maverick non-conformism that lurks on the fringes of every mainstream. He has for the last nine years been the Programme Director for Film of the annual National Arts Festival which takes place in Grahamstown. He has been a film critic, has lectured, has written film scripts, has directed and has acted. He fervently loves gospel music and country music, favours high heel boots and owes a debt of gratitude to Aleister Crowley for opening his eyes to the true will.