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Musa Syeed

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste
Ghana, États-Unis


Réalisateur et écrivain indépendant.


Syeed is an independent filmmaker and writer. After producing A SON’S SACRIFICE, he is currently co-directing two films with Yoni Brook for national ITVS/PBS broadcast: THE CALLING, about young religious leaders, and BRONX PRINCESS (for P.O.V. on PBS).

Syeed was a Fulbright Fellow in Cairo, Egypt, where he focused on experimental filmmaking. As a writer, he produced original theatrical work for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and is the film editor for Islamica Magazine.

Syeed has worked as an educator in schools, community centers, and prisons. This year, he is a professor of documentary production at Williams College. He serves as an advisor for film and television companies, including Thirteen/WNET.

He is an alumnus of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Department.
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