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Neil Fox

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Producteur délégué


Neil Fox has been working in the entertainment business for 21 years. He has presented numerous prime time shows and as of July 2008 he has taken the No.1 crown in London again, hosting the Magic More Music Breakfast Show.

His prime-time TV hosting shows have included The Record of the Year, The Great British Test series with Gabby Logan, Dumb Britain, Discomania, and most recently The Big Call, to name but a few.

As a music expert and commentator on the world of entertainment, he has recently started a production company, powderblue, and is currently working with 3 other world-class production companies on fresh new formats he has created. He also has a film company and is in pre-production on a feature length political action-thriller he has co-written, which has funding and is nearly ready to go.

He is also an adrenaline junkie, excellent snowboarder, golfer and tennis player, a qualified helicopter pilot (18 years), motorbike nut, and has recently got his UK motor-racing licence!

He lives in Chelsea with his wife Victoria and their two children Scarlet and Jack.
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