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Théâtre Cinéma/TV Danse

Nadine Feser

Réalisateur/trice, Directeur/trice artistique


Parfois créditée sous le nom de
Nadine Louise Faser


Nadine is an International Christian Worker in Tanzania, East Africa working with an organization called Pamoja Ministries, sent by an organization called Elim Fellowship. She eats a lot of fruit and runs in a lot of mud holes. She loves the Creator and his creation, especially people, but fish and butterflies and palm trees are high on the list too. And eggplants, mountains, waterfalls and pretty flowers. She loves some of creation’s creations, for example; bicycles and paragliders, good poetry and paintings, and soap that smells like trees or wind. Nadine loves to write and run and sing and interact with people. Her job is just that; to write and run and sing and interact with people… sometimes this is done while interviewing beautiful Maasai people for a documentary or photobook… sometimes this is done while shooting a musical in a foreign language.

Name: Nadine Louise Feser

Age: 28

Birthday: November 12

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Books: Blue Like Jazz, Velvet Elvis, The Princess Bride

Favorite Movies: Amelie, Bride and Prejudice, Rent

Favorite Food:
Rice ?n Beans, eggplants

Favorite Quotes:
« Whenever the realization of God comes in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon. »
-Oswald Chambers-

« If equal love cannot be then let the more loving one be me. »
-Romeo and Juliette-

Favorite Animal: Elephants

Favorite Creature: Butterflies. They are such a beautiful symbol of new life – a symbol of me since Jesus gave me new life.

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updated: 04/07/2010