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Vernon Reid



Vernon Reid – Compositeur
Vernon Reid est né à Londres (Angleterre) et a passé la plus grande partie de son enfance à Brooklyn, New York.


Vernon Reid – Composer

Vernon Reid was born in London, England but spent most of his childhood in Brooklyn, New York. In the early 1980s, while working with jazz drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Decoding Society, Vernon began the rock group Living Colour. Living Colour subsequently released four albums and sold over four million records and won two Grammy Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, an International Rock Award and several New York Music Awards. Vernon has appeared as a guest guitarist on the records of many diverse artists, including: Jack DeJohnette; Public Enemy; B.B. King; The Ramones; Mariah Carey; Mick Jagger; Tracy Chapman; DJ Logic; Salif Keita; Carlos Santana; Jack Bruce; and The Roots. Vernon has composed music for modern dance choreographers Ralph Lemon, Marlies Yearby, Bill T. Jones, Donald Byrd, and Gabri Christa. Vernon’s work as a film composer and music supervisor has included the films: Fresh Kill (feature/score), Once In The Life (feature/song), Paid In Full (feature/score), Ghosts Of Attica (documentary/ score), Vintage Families Of Value (documentary/score), E Minha Cara/That’s My Face.(documentary/score), Almost Home (documentary/score), Mr. 3000 (feature/music supervisor), Shadow; Dead Riot (feature/score), Five Fingers (feature/score)
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