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Duscha Kistler

Directeur/trice artistique
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Duscha Kistler – Directrice Artistique (Festival Fantoche du Film d’animation, Suisse)


Duscha Kistler – Artistic Director

Duscha Kistler read History of Art and Film Studies in Zurich. While she was at university, Duscha Kistler was involved in the organisation of various exhibitions and multimedia projects. After that she was involved in Videoex, the international video and experimental film festival in Zurich, where she played a significant part in three of the festivals. Her great passion for film, art and film festivals ultimately led her to animated film and, consequently, to Fantoche.

Duscha Kistler was responsible for the commercial management of the Fantoche Festival in 2003 and 2005. She has been the creative head of the festival since Fantoche 2007. As Artistic Director, she designs and coordinates the entire festival programme, chooses upon the special features, initiates various cooperations and leads the competition selection processes. In addition to that, she bears overall responsibility for the catalogue and programme texts in her capacity as author or editor.
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