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Andrea Freund

Directeur/trice de festival, Directeur/trice de production
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Andrea Freund – Managing Director


Andrea Freund – Managing Director

Andrea Freund read Culture Management at the University of Zurich in Winterthur. In addition, she has developed a wide range of expertise as the designer of various art, theatre and music projects. After obtaining a variety of experience in business and advertising, she was employed as a « Film Production Manager » at teamstratenwerth in Basel from 2004 to 2006 where she familiarised herself greatly with the medium of film. She has been Commercial Director at Fantoche since September 2006.

In this capacity, Andrea Freund is responsible for the operational side of the festival, which involves fundraising, budget and finance, staffing, coordination of festival venues and ticketing. All the organisational threads ultimately come together with her, and she is responsible for ensuring that the production of the festival runs smoothly.
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