Fiche Personne

Ute Freund

Directeur/trice de la photo


Directrice de la Photographie, Allemande.


Ute FREUND (Cinematographer).
Ute Freund finished her postgraduate studies at film school in Hamburg. Her film « Ausreißer » (?Runaway’) won a Student Oscar for Best Live Action Short in 2005. In addition to filming for Iman Kamel on BEIT SHA’AR | NOMAD’S HOME, Ute has also been working on the films « Smoke Signs » and « You Told Me You Love Me » with independent German filmmaker Rudolf Thomè and on a documentary « Der lange Weg ans Licht ». For « You Told Me You Love Me » she was nominated for the Best German Camera film award and, in 2006, she received the Camera Prize in the Dortmund Women’s Film Festival.
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