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Kiva Simova

Chanteur/euse, Pianiste/claviériste, Professeur, Chef d’orchestre
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Kiva SIMOVA est une vocaliste canadienne.
Elle joue des claviers, elle est compositrice, conductrice d’orchestre et enseignante.


Kiva SIMOVA (Vocalist, keyboardist/ composer/ conductor/ educator). &
Canadian Kiva Simova is an internationally recognized expert of western harmonic overtone singing, a technique whereby a single voice produces two distinct pitches, moving polyphonically. Also a keyboardist/ composer/ conductor/ educator, her originals span world beat, pop, nujazz, experimental and new classical genres. With two solo CDs (The Ladder and Pulse), her own Prague based overtone choir AURALIA, (writing/ arranging all the music), she is frequently invited by other wellestablished artists to provide her exotic wide-ranging vocal improvisations in concert, recordings and film. She has performed and taught workshops for over two decades, in Canada, USA, Europe, Russia and Japan.
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