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Adnan Joubran

Joueur/se de oud


Adnan was born in the Galilee, in Nazareth, in 1985. The life story of the youngest of the brothers is unique. Since childhood, he had wanted to become a percussionist. Yet, he would soon hearken to the oud’s call. His desire to play it becomes stronger at the age of fifteen. For two years, alone and with the help of his older brothers, Adnan learns to play this instrument. Immediately upon coming home from school, he would pick up Wissam’s oud and, playing Samir’s melodies, send his fingers flying along the trail left by his brother. Hatem, their father, encourages him to take part in oud playing contests, and he is one of the five winners of a contest held in Palestine. The first audience Adnan would play to are his father’s clients.
Returning from a tour, Samir brings up the possibility of forming a trio. This possibility becomes the object of Adnan’s striving, and during the next year he would work with passion and discipline. It is thus that, in Paris’ Luxembourg garden in August 2004, the Joubran Trio would come to life.
Alongside his brother Samir, Adnan provides musical accompaniment for the Fattoumi-Lamoureux dance company. In addition to his career within the Trio, Adnan will also perform for Parisian audiences a piece that combines music and the circus called EKO DU OUD (the oud’s echo).
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