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Cambria Matlow

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Directeur/trice de la photo


Réalisatrice, directrice de la photo et productrice américaine. BURNING IN THE SUN (2010) est son premier long métrage documentaire, elle y fait le portrait de Daniel Dembélé tiraillé entre l’Europe et l’Afrique avant de choisir de repartir vivre au Mali.


Cambria Matlow, Director/Producer/Cinematographer, USA.
Cambria Matlow co-founded Birdgirl Productions in 2005 to support this project. Prior to this Cambria directed and lensed several short narrative films, including THE SACRED CLOWN, an experimental film about Che Guevara that examines the cultural consequences of political idolatry. She’s helped produce the Vermont International Film Festival and in New York she’s worked in development and production with social issue media organization Arts Engine on several documentaries including « Rose and Nangabire » and « Nicaragua Dreaming ». Now, in her role as manager of non-theatrical programming at Film Movement, she leads nationwide distribution and outreach efforts for award-winning foreign and American independent feature films.
Cambria holds a Certificate in Film Production from Burlington College in Vermont and a B.A. in Hispanic Studies from Columbia University. She has driven across the United States six times, lived in Spain and New Zealand, and traveled abroad extensively, including time spent in Morocco, Singapore, Central America, Mexico, and Eastern Europe. BURNING IN THE SUN (2010) marks her documentary feature directorial debut.
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