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Nástio Mosquito



My name is Mosquito. Not a joke, not a name for battle? just my name.
I love rice
I love, love ; the idea?
Work = Spain, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Germany, South Africa, etc.
Doing What? All I could, Whenever I could, However I could, with whomever I wanted.
I work with poetry, music, words, egos, perspective? fucking life; as an organic matter, not a concept.
And no. Not dead yet.
Live a good life;

Nástio Mosquito produced two video pieces which were projected onto buildings around the neighbourhood during the course of the four evenings of the festival. « You Scare Me », a 20min monologue that traverses different issues and places Mosquito targeted during his stay, and « Joubert Park Urban Paradise », which is an ironic take on the living conditions of inner city Johannesburg, were screened on the Drill hall square at the opening night. For the screening Mosquito all cars of visitors were arranged so as to face the screen on the square, resembling a drive-in. Mosquito controlled the show via microphone, directing the audience where to sit? Subsequently the films were screened publicly, late at night and early in the morning, with the intention to disturb and disrupt the public.
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