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David Lister

Afrique du Sud


Réalisateur sud-africain.


David Lister’s films have encompassed a variety of genres and he is considered one of the most prolific film and television directors from South Africa.
Lister has won 10 directing awards and numerous actors and technicians have won awards for their work under his direction.

Lister grew up on a farm in Mpumalanga Province South Africa.

He studied Fine Arts at the Pretoria Art School where he was considered an exceptionally talented student.

As head of the props department and co-head of the scene painting department at the Performing Arts Council Transvaal (PACT/TRUK) he was involved in 40 opera, ballet and drama productions.

At the age of 22 he designed the sets for « Vrydag » and the hugely popular Afrikaans play « Die Drie Van Der Walts » directed by Francois Swart.

While in the theatre he supplemented his income by painting and undertaking commissions.

After a brief period as a documentary film cameraman at SABC TV, he left South Africa, to study in the UK.
Graduating with first class honours from The London Film school in 1974 he returned to South Africa to work as a film and television director.

Lister continued to paint and draw storyboards throughout his film making career.

In the early years at SABC TV Lister directed memorable documentaries such as « The Forgotten Children » (handicapped children) »The High Cost Of Dying »(The funeral business) »The Health Business » (alternative medicine)and iconic sports documentaries « The Agony and the Ecstasy » (Athletics) »The Punch and Judo Show » (wrestling) »The July » (horse racing), »Before The Wind »(sailing) and « Journey of Dreams » (Ladysmith Black Mambazo).

Lister created and directed the immensely popular « Video 2 » and « What’s Happening? » SABC TV series for teenagers before progressing to television dramas and feature films.

In a career spanning more than 35 years he has directed 16 cinema & telefeatures, 12 television drama series totaling 125 episodes, a 52 part puppet series and 63 documentaries commercials and corporate videos.

Lister’s productions have been widely distributed and he has been nominated for 13 directing awards. He won 6 Artes (the South African equivalent of the « Emmy ») and 2 Star Tonight! (South African national critics) directing awards for the television dramas « Riding High », « John Ross », « Barney Barnato », « The Big Time », « Konings » a Fespaco jury directing award for « Soweto Green » and a finalist award at the New York Film and TV festival.

His two Leon Schuster feature film comedies « Oh Shucks, Here Comes UNTAG! » and « Panic Mechanic » broke South African cinema box office records.

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