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Jeremy Xido



Originaire de Détroit [USA], Jeremy Xido est diplômé en Peinture et Littérature Comparée de l’Université de Columbia, New York. Il a étudié à l’Actor’s Studio.


Originally from Detroit [USA], Jeremy Xido graduated cum laude in Painting and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in New York and trained at the Actor’s Studio. He has been the artistic co-director of the performance and film company CABULA6 since 2003, having produced and presented stage and film work all over the world. CABULA6 was awarded « Outstanding Artists of the Year 2010 » by the Austrian Ministry of Culture and voted « company of the year 2009 » by Europe’s most prestigious performance magazine, Ballettanz. In 2006 he directed the six part CRIME EUROPE series and in 2007 the documentary MACONDO about a refugee settlement on the outskirts of Vienna, as well as several short fiction films. He is known as a performance artist with a unique artistic voice and approach to stage and film, blending emotionally gripping personal stories with the larger social contexts within which they emerge. Working as a dancer, actor and filmmaker, he has performed and presented work around the world on stage, TV and in Cinema.
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