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Chinua Achebe



Chinua Achebe (né le 16 novembre 1930) était un écrivain nigérian d’expression anglaise. Romancier et poète, il débute avec Things Fall Apart (Le monde s’effondre) qui est avec Not Longer at Ease (Le malaise) son oeuvre principale.

Albert Chinualumogu Achebe (il change son prénom au cours de ses études pour un prénom Ibo classique) est né le 16 novembre 1930 à Ogidi, dans l’est du Nigeria. Il est le cinquième de six enfants. Ses parents, tous deux des Ibos : Isaiah Okafo et Janet Achebe, sont de fervents chrétiens (…)

Chinua Achebe est mort le 21 mars 2013 à Boston.

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Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe (born 16 November 1930 – 21 March 2013) popularly known as Chinua Achebe (pronounced /ˈtʃɪnwɑː əˈtʃɛbeɪ/;[1] is a Nigerian[2] novelist, poet, professor, and critic. He is best known for his first novel and magnum opus[3], Things Fall Apart (1958), which is the most widely read book in modern African literature.[4]
Raised by Christian parents in the Igbo town of Ogidi in southeastern Nigeria, Achebe excelled at school and won a scholarship for undergraduate studies. He became fascinated with world religions and traditional African cultures, and began writing stories as a university student. After graduation, he worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Service and soon moved to the metropolis of Lagos. He gained worldwide attention for Things Fall Apart in the late 1950s; his later novels include No Longer at Ease (1960), Arrow of God (1964), A Man of the People (1966), and Anthills of the Savannah (1987). Achebe writes his novels in English and has defended the use of English, a « language of colonizers », in African literature. In 1975, his lecture An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s « Heart of Darkness » became the focus of controversy, for its criticism of Joseph Conrad as « a bloody racist ».

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