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Ben Okri



Ben Okri is a member of the Urhobo people.[1] He was born in Minna in west central Nigeria to Grace and Silver Okri in 1959.[1] His father Silver moved his family to London so that Silver could study law on a scholarship.[1] Ben thus spent his earliest years in London including some primary school. In 1968 Silver moved his family back to Nigeria where he practiced law in Lagos, providing free or discounted services for those who could not afford it.[1] This would later provide inspirational writing material for Ben’s fiction.[1] Ben was constantly being withdrawn from various schools so he continued his education largely at home in Lagos.[1] He finished high school and got a job at a paint store.[1] After failing to get entry to University he began writing articles on social and political issues, but these never found a publisher.[1] He then wrote short stories based on those articles, and some were published in women’s journals and evening papers.[1] At age 19 he completed his first novel Flowers and Shadows (1980), written in the tradition of Realism.[1]

In 1978 Ben came back to England on a government grant to study comparative literature, embarking his studies at the University of Essex.[2] Ben had little money and often slept on floors and was unable to complete his degree for lack of funds.[1] He was a poetry editor of West Africa and worked also for the BBC.[1] In 1984 one of his stories was selected by Peter Ackroyd in the PEN New Fiction contest.[1


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