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Perri Pierre

Haïti, États-Unis


Perri PIERRE, né le 28 décembre 1988 à Brooklyn, New York, est un acteur et producteur haïtiano-américain.

Après des études d'art dramatique et de théâtre au Queens College de l'université de la Ville de New York, il a décidé de se concentrer uniquement sur sa passion pour le cinéma. En 2011, il a écrit, réalisé et joué dans sa première production, J-12, qui est diffusée sur la télévision nationale aux États-Unis en 2013. Plus tard, il a produit et joué dans sa deuxième production, Three Of One Kind avec laquelle il remporte son premier prix, le People's Choice Award décerné lors de l'International Movie Trailer Festival. Perri travaille actuellement sur sa quatrième production, A Pearl in the Carribean. En février 2013, Perri produit et joue le role principal dans le film Addiction. Ce film est sorti au cinéma à Los Angeles et à New York en été 2013. En plus de ses propres productions, Perri est apparu dans New York, unité spécialeCupid, et autres.



Perri PIERRE, born on December 28, 1988, in Brooklyn, NY, Perri Pierre is an award-winning filmmaker and actor. Perri Pierre was born at Brooklyn Hospital, NY on December 28, 1988. A little later, he moved with his parents to Haiti. In October 1994 he was received at C.F.O.J where he stayed until he completed high school in 2006. Ever since he was a child, he was a wise person, a little bit shy but with an exceptional leadership. He has always had a grip on his classmates and his friends. On his second birthday, his father offered him a little piano as a birthday gift which would later direct him to music. So he founded in 2004 with his fellow friends a band they called "AMICUS" of which he was the "Lead Vocal". Music remains his passion. Unfortunately he didn't complete his piano lessons with Sister Maria Lucia of Charity of St. Louis where he was admitted to learn the instrument at the age of seven. Perri was also noted as an eloquent speaker; during a eulogy he delivered at a church in Les Cayes on May 9, 1998 when he was nine years old at the funeral of a classmate. He was also noted in a television spot to raise awareness of household waste management sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cayes. He also did several commercials on the radio and performed on short plays that he put together at the beach with his friends. After completing high school, Perri moved to New York in July 2006 to continue his studies. He enrolled in August 2006 at Hunter College in Manhattan to get started with college. Six months later, he was transferred to Queens College. Perri had initially opted for a degree in biology with a vision to enter medical school four years later. However, as early as his 2nd year in college, he realized he could not move forwards with medicine. This reflects a kind of hypersensitivity to pain that developed in him after the terrible accident that his mother had, which almost cost her life, when he was only nine years old. Given this drawback, he exploited his talent as an artist and moved towards the art of cinema and theater in college. Thus he graduated in May 2010 in Drama and Theatre. To achieve this, he has already made several experiments in this field. In November 2007, with the help of her sister Sagine, he signed a "Photoshoot" with an agency named "Industry Model and Talent". Three months later, in February 2008 he signed a contract with them so he can be represented. A few weeks later, Perri landed his first minimal role alongside Angela Bassett, Derek Luke, Anthony Macky and many more, as a Fruit of Islam in the film NOTORIOUS. Unfortunately a large part of his role has not been released. He also appeared on episodes of Law and Order, Cupid and other films. His participation in these movies and shows has allowed him to get points in his first race in the field of cinema. He recently co-wrote, produced, directed, starred in and edited the short film J-12. Perri studied acting with Prof. Claudia Feldstein and Susan Einhorn. He has acted in several plays and musicals, in different cities in the world. Asides, from behind on set or on stage, he loves to play soccer, spend time with his family, surf the net, watch movies, listen to music. He is fluent in French, Creole and English. Source: