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Silviah Namussasi

Danseur/se, Acteur/trice, Formateur/trice


Silviah Namussasi is an actor, dancer, yoga practitioner and a theatre trainer with The Theatre Company of Kenya (TTC). She just finished her second training programme as a trainer in August 2014. A graduate of all the four levels of training programme on performance with The Theatre Company of Kenya and also the first Performer’s Laboratory with the same company. Some of the plays she has done include; Picasso (a collaboration of TTC and Theatre TiNaNiNaNi from Holland) Kimbia (a touring show of 5 plays), The Lion and The Jewel; wrote an article about the process and its publication in the African Theatre Journal is due November 2014, Attack of the Shidas, William Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor in Swahili which had a successful tour in India and East Africa, Masika(Original Kenyan musical with Stan Savannah), Cash on Delivery, Shungwaaya(Original Kenyan musical), Temptation (Touring show of 5 plays).She has lead theatre workshops for Kids at the Story Moja Festival, Caroline Wamboi Children’s Workshop and Chocolate Factory in Nanyuki. To top it all off, she is a service provider for South Planet, Kenyan Portal.                                        
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