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Martin Mhando



Martin Mhando est un réalisateur, producteur et professeur tanzanien, établi en Australie.
Il est également directeur du ZIFF – Zanzibar International Film Festival.


En tant que réalisateur :
– 2007: Liyarn Ngarn (documentaire)
– 2001: Maangamizi: The Ancient One
– 1986: Mama Tumaini

En tant que producteur :
– 2010: Ronan’s Escape (court-métrage)
– 2001 Maangamizi: The Ancient One

En tant qu’assistant réalisateur :
– 2010: Ronan’s Escape (Short) (first assistant director)
– 2010: Ronan’s Escape (Short) (first assistant: director)


Associate Professor Martin Mhando has worked Media Production with Murdoch University Australia, for 14 years and has now returned to Tanzania, but retains links with the university as Research Fellow. He is also festival Director of ZIFF and a well-known filmmaker with credits in feature and documentary productions and winner of international awards. He is also co-editor of the Journal of African Cinemas. His areas of research include African Cinema, Indigenous knowledge, Documentary, Festival Studies and Participatory Media. He is a filmmaker with international awards for Maangamizi (feature, 2001), Mama Tumaini (Feature, 2007) Liyarn Ngarn (doc. 2017) among others. He has served in juries in festivals in Brazil, Spain, Australia, etc