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Dan Lufani (Dan Lu)



Dan LU, born Dan Lufani on 26th July 1987 in Malawi, Dan Lu’s music career spans over 11 years.  Described as an Afro-pop artist by Malawi’s Nyimbo magazine, Dan’s fan base is estimated, by the Daily Times, a national tabloid, to be at 1.1 million in a country of a population of 13 million.


Dan Lu, who has over 40000 followers on facebook, has four albums to his title. He has over 40 songs playing in radio stations in his country, and over 15 videos on Television stations.


Dan Lu has worked with the top most band in Malawi, Zembani music company where he band leader before founding his own band, Rockers band, which has been making headlines for the past two years.


Dan Lu 4An award winner of the 2011 Best Afro pop music that was organized by Malawi Music Awards, Dan Lu has collaborated with other African artists including The third, K-Millan both from Zambia, , Nameless from Kenya, Dizzy Don from Zimbabwe and Tay Grin from Malawi, and Bongani, Blenda Fassie’s son from South Africa.  Dan Lu has also worked with the Award winning Zambian producer Ben Blezer and Malawi’s top urban producer Taps Bandawe.


Dan Lu, whose anthemic hit song, part of life was a subject at one of Malawi president’s rallies,  plays keyboards and has experience in studio arrangement.


Born to Pastor Lufani, of the Baptist church in Mangochi Malawi, Dan Lu is a 5th born in a family of 8
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