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Julius Chingono

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Julius Chingono is a Zimbabwean writer and poet born in Norton, near Harare, in 1946.
He used to be a rock-blaster in mines.
He is a deliberate anti-stylist.

As a poet, he has had his work published in several anthologies of Shona poetry including Nhetembo, Mabvumira eNhetembo and Gwenyambira between 1968 and 1980. His only novel, Chipo Changu was published in 1978 and an award-winning play, Ruvimbo, was published in 1980. His poetry in English has also been published in several South African and Zimbabwean anthologies: Flags of Love (Mireza yerudo) (1983) and Flag of Rags (1996) and Intwasa Poetry (2008). He has a short story in each of the collections Writing Still (2003) and Writing Now (2005) and Long Time Coming: Short Writings from Zimbabwe (2008). Weaver Press published his own collection of short stories, Not Another Day in 2006.

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