Fiche Personne
Réalisateur/trice Producteur/trice Scénariste

Jessica Beshir

Éthiopie, Mexique, États-Unis


Cinéaste Mexicaine-Ethiopienne.

Jessica BESHIR est une réalisatrice, productrice et directrice de la photo. Elle a obtenu sa Licence en études cinématographiques et littérature à l’Université UCLA (Californie, USA). Elle a réalisé le court métrage HAIRAT (2017) et le court métrage He Who Dances on Wood (2017). Elle est en train de produire son premier long métrage dont l’action de passe à Harar, en Ethiopie. Jessica vit à Brooklyn, New-York (Etats-Unis).


Mexican-Ethiopian filmmaker

Jessica BESHIR is a Film DIRECTOR, PRODUCER and CINEMATOGRAPHER. She received her B.A in film studies and literature at UCLA. She directed the short He Who Dances on Wood and is currently producing her first feature film set in Harar (Ethiopia). Jessica is based in Brooklyn, NY (USA).

Jessica Beshir was born in Mexico City to an Ethiopian Father and Mexican mother. She grew up in Harar, Ethiopia and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Watching Abba Yussuf’s nightly ritual is part of most Hararis’ mesmerizing childhood experience.
Yussuf Mume Saleh, also known as the « Hyena Man of Harar » is one of the last guardians of this century old dying tradition. He has fed hyenas for decades and has now passed the bastion to his son Abbas who has practiced the ritual with his Father since childhood.
In the medieval walled city of Harar, spotted Hyenas roam free and live in harmony with people.
They weigh up to 180 pounds and after the African Lion; they are the largest carnivores in Africa.
Jessica loves to ambulate Jegol, the walled city of Harar, where one never knows what awaits at each turn of the labyrinth.