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Franklin Ugobude

Critique de cinéma, Journaliste


Journaliste et éditorialiste nigérian.

Franklin UGOBUDE est un journaliste. Il a participé à l’atelier de critiques de cinéma organisé par la Fédération Africaine de la Critique Cinématographique (FACC) durant le Fespaco 2019, à Ouaga, réunissant 42 journalistes africains venant de 23 pays africains. Il vit à Lagos, Nigeria.

Il a été Membre du Jury de la la Fédération Africaine de la Critique Cinématographique (FACC) au Festival de Carthage 2021, Tunis.

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Nigerian Journalist and editor.

Franklin UGOBUDE is a writer and editor based in Lagos, Nigeria with experience in arts, entertainment, lifestyle and copy writing.

He has attended critic workshops in Ouagadougou and Lagos in the past.

Franklin is a Africiné alumni: he was a participant at The FACC Film Critics Workshop organized by the African Federation of Film Critic (AFFC / FACC) during the 2019 Fespaco 2019, in Ouaga, gathering 42 African journalists from 23 African countries.

He was a member of the Federation of African Cinema Critics (FACC) jury at the 2021 Carthage Film Festival in Tunis.

Franklin Ugobude is a marketing and communications specialist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently working for Wallets Africa – a company that aims to facilitate the ease of payments around Africa. He is also Director of Media and Communication for the Consent Workshop, a youth-led grassroots NGO aimed at deconstructing rape culture through consent education and awareness raising. The organisation works to break the silence around sexual abuse and foster a positive sex culture among young people. They go into schools to offer workshops around the issues as well as working online.
Franklin joined the RNW Media Board (Haarlem, The Netherlands).

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