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Michiel van Oosterhout

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Journaliste, Scénariste, Monteur/se


Réalisateur, journaliste, scénariste, monteur et producteur néerlandais.

Michiel VAN OOSTERHOUT est un réalisateur, journaliste, monteur et producteur. Il est connu pour Zamora (2011, en tant que scénariste), réalisé par Shams Bhanji.
Il vit en Afrique de l’Est depuis 2001.


Dutch freelance journalist/documentary filmmaker, writer, producer and editor.

Michiel VAN OOSTERHOUT is a freelance journalist/documentary filmmaker active in East Africa since 2001. He is known for Zamora (2011, as Writer) directed by Shams Bhanji, Uganda.

He was one of the founding members of the Amakula Kampala International Film Festival and has written scripts and directed more than twenty NGO video documentaries. The feature film Zamora, for which he wrote the script, won six awards at four different African film festivals and was shown at festivals all over the world. He has published several books with short stories. For the Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban Cascoland festivals he worked as a writer on the Cacoland catalogs.

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