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Osama Rezq

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice


Réalisateur et producteur libyen.

Il est parfois crédité sous le nom de
Oussama RIZK
Osama REZG

Osama REZQ est un réalisateur.
Il est connu pour AL BORANY (2021).
Né le 13 février 1981, à Tripoli, Libye.


Libyan Film director and producer.

He is sometimes credited as
Oussama RIZK
Osama REZG

Osama REZQ is a film director and producer.
He is known for AL BORANY (2021).

Born February 13, 1981 in Tripoli, Libya.

Director Osama Rezg Obtained several certificates in film directing from London and Scotland Get out the documentary is important (Nayhoum…. master of words), which speaks of the Libyan philosopher (Sadiq Nayhoum 2008) was the first work of his dramatic comedy series (on the air) authored by writer Saleh Abu Alsonon and on Allibya Channel in 2008 and is the work of satirical comedy in 15 episodes After that, he participated in the output of the serial drama (every day tale) and is an experience for the first time in Libya that the three directors to bring the same work and share the output loops which was a separate stories Get out after so many ads global task such as the Declaration of coffee (lavazza) Italian and advertising main elections In 2013 was an important year for Osama Rizk, where he directed the series successful (phobia) of the author (Huwaydi) series has achieved overwhelming success in Libya and has achieved the highest viewing figures and get prizes Arab and local is very important you get the series on the armor of the Special Jury World Cup in Cairo Radio and TV Director get Osama Rizk several awards: Best director award for the film documentary prize in 2009 youth magazine Award best director award programs in 2010 Youth Magazine Award best director award programs in 2013 Septimius Award best director award in 2014 drama Septimius in 2014 Osama Rezg Finish the serial Libyan drama (Dragunov) writer Siraj Huwaydi Drama speaks for the Libyan society and how it has changed the conditions of family and life in Libya before the revolution and during and after And then the series Win best series in Libya in 2014 and best director

In the year 2017 Director and producer short film (the random), which participated in more than 20 film festivals win the Oasis award of the Gabes Festival of Arab film in Tunis and the award of the best African film from the Art Festival in Cameroon and a special mention by the jury at the festival Oujda Morocco

In 2017 Osama Rezg directed and produced Drama series (Rubik) from 15 episodes achieved a great success in Libya and achieved the highest viewing rates

win best drama series in Libya and best director in 2017

In the year of 2019 produced and Directed the historical series (Zanghat Areeh) the Biggest production in the history of drama in Libya talking about the city of Tripoli in 1945

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