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République démocratique du Congo


Werrason, ou Noël Ngiama Makanda, né le 25 décembre 1965 dans la province de Bandundu en République démocratique du Congo, est un chanteur de ndombolo.

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Werrason, who was born in the heart of Africa, in Kikwit, DRC, was very young when he discovered the world of music. In 1981, along with friends he created the band « Wenge Musica 4X4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre », which rapidly became the reference in the world of African music. Although, Wenge Musica had huge success with their album the group split in 1997. However, this did not stop Werrason from returning to the stage the following year with a new band called « Wenge Musica Maison Mere. » Their triumphant first album « Force d’Intervention Rapide » led them on a world tour of Europe, Africa, the US, and Canada.

In France, during 1999 the album « Solola Bien » achieved huge success and was awarded the « Golden Record ». In 2000, Werrason was the first African artist to perform in Paris-Bercy, France in front of 17.000 hysterical fans.

In 2001, with the album « Kibuisa Mpimpa », Werrason adopted an « authentic » approach to sharing his ancestral African culture with the rest of the world. The music industry warmly welcomed this new album which critics raved was « musically and culturally revolutionary. » During the same year in South Africa, Werrason also won two « Kora Awards » including the « Best African Performer ».

In 2005, he organized a mega concert at his birth city in front of 700.000 fans which still remains Africa’s biggest concert ever.

Throughout his career Werrason has performed with various artists including; Shaggy, Missy Elliot, Manu Dibango, Passi, Benj, Akil, and many more.

With his 8th album « Simply the Best Of », Werrason definitely enters into World Music. After having reached the heart of the whole African Diaspora, it is now time for the rest of the world to discover Werrason’s Universal Sound.

Humanitarianism is an important part of Werrason’s life and personality. He has and remains conscious of the miseries and hardships of the « shegues » (children of the streets) who regard him as their father. Through his foundation, he dedicates a great portion of his income and life to all the UNESCO campaigns against AIDS and other charities against discriminations. His efforts to make a difference throughout the world have not gone unnoticed as The United Nations proudly awarded him with the title of « Universal Ambassador of Peace. »