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Whitman Pictures Independent
Adresse : Sibs Shongwe-La Mer- Executive Producer Kabeer Shaik- Exectutive Procucer Maurice Turk- Production Manager Johannesburg / Cape Town
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Téléphone(s) : +27 82 0700640 | +27 72 9591130


Collective d’artistes sud-africains.


Independent Youth Art Retailer/Filmhouse/Gallery/Publisher.

Whitman Pictures Independent is a South African Independent film & Music Video collective headed by the award-winning partnership of Cinematographer Kabeer Shaik & Writer/Director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer and fuel by an ever expanding collaboration with various artists, musicians and young filmmakers.

Although operating in the commercial sphere as a small/medium production company, Whitman Pictures and its collaborators keep core concentration on producing products that focus primarily on experimentation and the maintenance of artistic integrity over monetary prosperity.

Whitman Pictures is a youth owned and controlled collective that hopes to aid and establish a vibrant independent youth dominated independent South African cinema were the exploration of themes and style is of most paramount importance.

Weather working with large budgets/medium budgets or non-existent budgets, Whitman Pictures does not oppose but rather wholeheartedly embrace the challenges of DIY ethic based filmmaking, responding to obstacles with collective ingenuity.

Since its conception in mid 2012, Whitman Pictures Independent has housed various televised music videos and found international acclaim for its founders after its first narrative film project « Death Of Tropics » found a home at various film festivals & independent cinemas domestically & across the global, competing on an international scale and solidify the cinematic potential of its creators with the win of « Best International Narrative Film » at the Mosaic World Film Festival, ILLINOIS.

Although still a fairly informal and young collaboration, Whitman Pictures Independent continues to produce film content for the international festival stage as well as provide a home for art and artists that otherwise might not find an avenue to create and showcase their visions.