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Mashroua, which means project in Arabic, is an initiative involving several artists and filmmakers to create an entity capable of producing and supporting independent films in the region.
The company focuses on producing and financing films that tackle subjects and themes, which may not be popular in the traditional commercial film market in the region.
The aim is to help build a new genre of film production, which is different from the traditionally structured hierarchal approach, but rather focuses more on participatory as well as reactive innovation, integrating the artists and filmmakers with real stories and the real people in those stories, and hoping to bring a new genre of cinema which is closer and more familiar to people and tells their stories with genuineness and sincerity.


Ahmad Abdalla:
An Egyptian independent film director, Ahmed studied music before turning to film. He directed « Heliopolis » (2009), and in 2010 he directed his second feature « Microphone », which won several awards including the Gold prize at the Istanbul Film Festival, as well as « Best Film » at the Carthage Film Festival and the Cairo International Film Festival. (

Asser Yassin:
Young Egyptian Film actor who won several awards, notably « Best Actor » at the Carthage Film Festival, in 2010. His credits include the successful hit « Al Jazeera », as well as the critically acclaimed « Rasael Bahr » (letters from the sea).

Hani Sakr:
Egyptian producer based between Cairo and Dubai. One of the pioneers of implementing the independent film production model in Egypt, having previously worked with acclaimed directors Ibrahim Batout, Ahmed Abdallah, and Mohamed Khan.

Omar Shama:
Egyptian screenwriter and producer. He co-wrote with Director Yousri Nasrallah the upcoming feature « After the Battle », due to be released in 2012. Previous credits include « Road 18 » (2008).

Tarek Hefny:
Young Egyptian photographer and Director of photography, graduated from the institute of fine arts in Cairo. As well as holding photography exhibitions, Tarek has worked on several independent films as a director of photography, most notably « microphone » (2010) (



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