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West African Research Center (WARC)
Adresse : Rue E x Léon Gontran Damas, Fann Residence, PO Box: 5456 Dakar Fann Dakar
Pays concerné : Sénégal
Téléphone(s) : +(221) 33 865 22 77


Centre de recherche ouest africain de Dakar (Warc).
Le siège est situé à Fann Résidence, Dakar.


The West African Research Center (WARC) is the overseas research center for The West African Research Association (WARA). It is located in Dakar, Senegal. WARC is a center for academic exchange between American and West African scholars that

WARC – Missions and Goals

WARC promotes scholarly research on West Africa and the Diaspora and works to foster cooperation between American and West African researchers, students and artists. In its development from initial conception to project planning, the Center seeks the active participation and cooperation of both West African and American scholars in order to identify and meet the needs of both communities.

WARC specifically aims to:

* Encourage collaborative research between American and West African researchers, universities, and relevant institutions through a program of research fellowships and the organization of colloquia, seminars, and workshops on topics of both general and scholarly interest.
* Make available to West African and visiting researchers a research library, computer facilities, and a computer network capable of sustaining significant research efforts by providing up-to-date data and information on West Africa and the Diaspora.
* Provide a forum in which both local and foreign researchers may conduct and share their work, and create a transnational community of scholars and researchers.
* Promote interdisciplinary approaches and considerations of gender in the study of West Africa and the African Diaspora.
Gather, catalogue, and disseminate the results of research on West Africa.



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