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Musique Cinéma/TV Internet Média Poésie / Conte
Magamba Network
Statut : Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
Adresse : 12 Tudor Gardens, Corner Josiah Tongogara and Mazowe Street Harare
Pays concerné : Zimbabwe
Téléphone(s) : 08644 076 265


Magamba is one of Zimbabwe’s most dynamic organizations working on the cutting edge of culture, activism and new media. Magamba has been pioneering in its involvement in the poetry, hip hop and comedy movements in Zimbabwe as well as in new forms of youth activism and new media activism. Magamba’s mission is to pioneer new forms of cultural, youth and new media activism to open up democratic space. Magamba’s vision is a free and just Zimbabwe. Magamba was co-founded in 2007 by two of Zimbabwe’s leading cultural activists, Comrade Fatso and Outspoken. Magamba means ‘Heroes’ or ‘Freedom Fighters’, signifying the youth of today reclaiming the legacy of struggle. The network runs spoken word and hip hop events, comedy nights, youth activist projects, international festivals, comedy TV shows, social media projects and organises cultural events – all with a view to promoting social justice, opening up democratic space and building a new Zimbabwe.

Their works include :

Shoko Festival | Zambezi News | Kalabash Media | Events : Bang Bang | Word Garden | Peace In The Hood | Mashoko