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AmaBooks Publishers
Contemporary Zimbabwean Writing
Adresse : P O Box AC1066, Ascot Bulawayo
Pays concerné : Zimbabwe
Téléphone(s) : (00263) 9 283403


AmaBooks is an independent publisher set up in 2000 to promote good writing in Zimbabwe, particularly in Matabeleland, through publication.
It is based in Zimbabwe’s second city of Bulawayo. They publish novels, short stories and poetry, with a few local history and culture titles.

« Since our inception we have been able to give a platform to many emerging writers, as well as publishing more established authors. Several of our titles have achieved recognition both nationally and internationally.

We also offer publishing services, including editing, proof-reading and origination, and run workshops on publishing issues.

In order to make books that have relevance to Zimbabwe available in the country, we distribute selected books by other publishers. »

Brian Jones and Jane Morris are the two directors of amaBooks.

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