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Two Tone Productions
Statut : Société de droit privé
Genre : Production
Adresse : Marco WILLIAMS Whitney DOW 426 Broome Street 2 Washington Square Village NY 10013 NEW YORK
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Téléphone(s) : +1 212.625.9118 | +1 212.677.3057


Two tone productions

La société Two Tone Productions a été créée par Marco Williams, un cinéaste Noir, et Whitney Dow, une cinéaste Blanche, pour faire des films qui traitent des questions raciales et de différence.


Two tone productions

Two Tone Productions was founded by a Marco Williams, a Black filmmaker, and Whitney Dow, a White filmmaker, to make films that address issues of race, and difference.

Recent Projects:

* Two Towns of Jasper 2002
An examination, with segregated black and white crews, of the town where in 1998 three white men dragged a black man was dragged to death behind a pickup truck.

* MLK Boulevard:The Concrete Dream (2003)
A look at the lives lived along the Martin Luther King Boulevards that run through almost all American cities.

* I Sit Where I Want (2004)
The Legacy of Brown vs Board of Education
A group of high school students in Buffalo, New York grapple with self segregation 50 years after the landmark Supreme Court ruling that forced the integration of American schools.

* Unfinished Country (2005)
A Portrait of Haiti’s latest attempt to hold fair and free democratic elections.

* Freedom Summer (2006)
Part of The History Channel’s « 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America » series, this film examines the 1964 murders of three voter registration volunteers.

* Banished (2006)
An investigation into ethnic cleansing in post-reconstruction America.

Projects in Production:

* Septentrional
A history of Haiti told in Music.

* Memorial
An examination of the rise of the multimedia memorial and how it impacts collective memory and national identity.

* For Whites Only
A film about White people, made by White People, for White people

* Freedom Dreams
A film about the life and times of Patrick Critton, a black militant, criminal, revolutionary and terrorist who robbed banks, made bombs and fermented the overthrow of the United States government while running an after-school program for underprivileged youth.