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Hugo Pratt, artiste, créateur de bandes dessinées et écrivain, lance la société company Cong S.A. en Octobre 1983 afin de gérer et promouvoir son oeuvre.
Après la mort de Pratt en 1995, Cong est devenu le seul propriétaire de son copyright.


Hugo Pratt, artist, comic book creator and writer, launched the company Cong S.A. in October 1983 in order to manage and promote his artwork.
After the death of Pratt in 1995, Cong became the sole owner of his copyright for all past and future works.
Over the years, Cong has intensified its activity and under the management of Pietro Gerosa, managing director and Patrizia Zanotti, artistic director. In 2002, the company started an extensive program of recovery and development of Hugo Pratt’s artistic property in the fields of publishing, licensing and audio/visual productions.
Hugo in Africa is the culmination of the first phase of this program and at the same time the start of a new effort to discover the artist Hugo Pratt.
In the publishing business, Cong publishes the works of Pratt around the world with several publishers.
In Italy, Rizzoli-Lizard publishes the whole catalog of Hugo Pratt’s works, including the adventures of Corto Maltese, the series of the Desert Scorpions as well as several sourcebooks on the author.
In France, a market reference for comics and Pratt’s adopted country, Cong works with Casterman Editions.
In the area of licensing, Cong works with partners such as Christian Dior, Swatch, and Iceberg and is currently developing high level textile and furniture collections.
An animated movie, « Corto Maltese, la cour secrète des arcanes », and a series of episodes based on Pratt’s Corto Maltese stories have been programmed and broadcast since 2002 in cinemas and on television around the world.
Corto Maltese is an international registered trademark. The name and signature of Hugo Pratt are trademark protected. The work of Hugo Pratt is in turn protected by the copyright © Cong S.A.