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Studio Shaiprod
Adresse : 76 rue Philippe de Girard 75018 PARIS
Pays concerné : France


Following the completion of their first documentary film Musafir, independently made and strictly self-produced, the notion of making their own films with total creative freedom became a viable prospect in the minds of Pierre-Yves Perez and Cédric Dupire.

Created on the 10th of February 2005 by Pierre-Yves Perez, Shai Productions is based around the production, manufacturing, edition, distribution and sales of multimedia, video and cinematographic products and, by extension, any cultural products.

In September 2007, Pierre-Yves Perez, Cédric Dupire and Jérôme Aglibert created Studio Shaiprod in order to accommodate the ever-more ambitious projects being developed within the company.
Studio Shqiprod aim to promote and develop independent documentary film projects that focus mainly on music.

Studio Shaiprod documentary films catalogue :
* Musafir | 84min | 2005
Fatumbi price, Bilan du film ethnographique, 2006, Paris. Best documentary price in the section arte, Sole Luna DOC FEST, 2006, Palermo.
* L’homme qu’il faut à la place qu’il faut | Guinée | 2008
* Musique en Exil | India | 2008 * 090705,| France/Austria |2008
* We don’t care about music anyway… | Japan | 2009 (in post production)
* Sans Commentaire | Mali | 2009 | (in production)

The company also newly aims to unite various alternative independent artists and to encourage collaborations between them, by producing events which mix video and music on stage. These artists include people from all horizons and countries, from the Indian traditional musician to the Japanese avant-garde artist to the English sound designer.

Studio Shaiprod set up residency at 76 rue Philippe de Girard 75018 Paris – France