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Trabelsi Productions
Adresse : 65783 TEL AVIV
Pays concerné : Israël
Téléphone(s) : +972-(0)3-5660398


About Us
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Osnat Trabelsi, a graduate in Film Studies at Tel Aviv University.
Trabelsi is known for consciously mixing business with pleasure, and professionalism with activism.
Trabelsi was a board member of the Israeli Documentary Forum from 2001-2004.
In 2000 she initiated and directed the first International Human Rights Film Festival in Israel/Palestine.
In 2001 she co-founded with Avi Mograbi the Anti-Occupation Film Club at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque which operates till 2007.
In 2003 she co-founded « Films From the Dark Side, » a forum that links Mizrahi and Palestinian concerns.
In 2006 initiated and directed a pitching forum for film students in Israel at South film festival in Israel.
In 2006 produced and was the co-artistic director of Joris Evans seminar sponsored by the Israeli documentary forum and Joris Evans institute.
In 2007 she was chosen by the economic news paper’De Marker’ in Israel to one of 40 women who make change in the society.

Ori Dubnov
She is the Office manager and production coordinator. But don’t let her calm temper mislead you: in the small office hides the real wonderwoman!!! She can kill bad guys and send fedex at the same time!!!

Production Services
Trabelsi Productions offers a variety of production services. We can give productions services to different kinds of films – Documentaries, commercials, video music etc.
We facilitate productions services and production solutions inside Israel and at the occupied territories.

Our track record include films like the Oscar nominated « War Photographer »by Christian Frei

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