Fiche Structure
Moondust Productions
Adresse : Nassim Abassi, Producteur n° 47 Bd Mohamed V Mohammedia
Pays concerné : Maroc
Téléphone(s) : +212 73 55 02 75 | +212 23 31 29 50


Société de Production cinéma, créée par Nassim Abassi.


Film Production company based in Morocco founded by Nassim Abassi.

The objective of creating Moondust Productions is to create a new space dedicated to the production of feature films and short films and creative documentaries for cinema, television and other audiovisual media.

A permanent team of administration, production and logistics is one of the strengths of our company and we have the ability to commit to each project a Moroccan or foreign technical and artistical team who is effective, creative and committed to ensure that our work proceeds smoothly.

MOONDUST PRODUCTIONS is based in Mohammedia, Morocco.

It produces and provides national and international productions services across Morocco including:
● Research
● Budget
● Administrative services
● Filming permits
● Location permits
● Customs
● Insurance
● Location scouting
● Casting
● Design production
● Set construction
● Material
● Equipment
● Crew
● Accommodation
● Transport
● Catering