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4Lim Productions
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : Fara Sène, Producteur 235 rue Brément 93130 NOISY LE SEC
Pays concerné : France
Téléphone(s) : +33 1 70 25 34 45
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4Lim Productions est une société de production cinématographique indépendante créée en 2003 par Fara Sene.

Commençant par le production de courts-métrages, 4Lim Productions a produit les 4 premiers courts-métrages de Fara Sene, également réalisateur (3 de ses films sont visibles en intégralité sur le site de 4Lim Productions).

Le dernier d’entre eux « Tant que tu respires » a connu une reconnaissance internationale avec de nombreuses sélections et de nombreux prix en festival, ouvrant la voie d’un premier long-métrage pour Fara Sene.

A présent, 4Lim productions souhaite s’ouvrir à des coproductions étrangères, renforcer le développement de projets représentant les minorités visibles, sources de richesses et d’ouvertures artistiques, mettre en valeur des projets liés à l’éthique et aux engagements sociaux-politiques, sans oublier la recherche de nouveaux talents.


4Lim Productions is an independant film production company created in 2003 by Fara Sene.

Beginning by production of short films, 4Lim Productions produced the fourth short films of Fara Sene, also director (3 of his movies are online).

The last of them « While you’re still brething » knew an international success with many selections
and many awards in festival, opening the way of a full-length film for Fara Sene.

Now, 4Lim productions, wants to open to foreign co-productions, strengthen development projects representing visible minorities, sources of wealth and art openings, develop projects related to
ethics and commitments social policies, without forgetting the search for new talent.



33-year-old Fara SENE is the head of 4Lim Productions.
Self-taught and following a highly unusual career path, Fara SENE was born in Lebanon but grew up in France – giving him a unique view of the world and open-mindedness.
He was a professional basketball player from 1997 to 2002 before suddenly deciding to change directions. Why? « Life only makes sense if you’re doing what you love above all else every day. For me, it’s film. »
That’s why in April 2003 he threw himself into the business and founded his own production company: 4lim Productions.
The company’s name was not chosen lightly. It relates back to his worldview and his way of being: The number 4 in French (quatre) sounds like « cat » in English. This animal always lands on its feet. « Lim » relates to the French word « lime, » a file for sawing through bars, « the bars of the mental prison we’re trapped in, » he explains.
He started by directing and producing several music clips (between 2003 and 2005), Then, encouraged by this success, short films (from 2005 to the present), one of which would win several awards.
Impassioned with this complete art form, Fara SENE also is evolving in front of as well as behind the camera: he played Luciano in « In the Blink of an Eye » (Le temps d’un battement de cils) in 2006, appeared in « Free Will » (Libre arbitre) in 2007 as well as in the short film by Bruno de Champris (1/100th). He was also part of a theatre group and performed in « Desert Detour » (Le désert dans détour) in November 2007. In 2008, Fara appeared in: « Darfur: No Bloody Reason » (Darfour: Sang Raisons), « While You’re Still Breathing » (Tant que tu respires) and is one of the main actors in « Society Games » (Jeu de Société). Finally in 2009, he performed in « Don Juan on the Seine » (Don juan sur Seine) directed by Jérôme Maldé and « Historik » directed by Zaher Rehaz and Hamidiata Dramé, two short films by the CitéArt collective.
Always eager to go further in this arena, Fara SENE will direct his
first feature-length film in 2011. He will be produced by Cinétévé
(Fabienne Servan-Schreiber).

Core business code: 5912 Z
Siren : 448 796 276 R.C.S. BOBIGNY